Blackbeard's NEW 3rd Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit REVEALED - HE is NOT HUMAN, IT'S A DEMON (ONE PIECE)

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One Piece Manga has revealed Blackbeard 3rd DEVIL FRUIT! This devil fruit is The Mythical Zoan Type Model Haku Taku, being the opposite of a god fruit, A DEMON FRUIT! With a bounty of 3,960,000,000 berries, surpassing the like of Luffy, Mihawk and Buggy D. Clown, Blackbeard is a force to be reckoned with! Luffy with his Sun God powers, will now have to use the power of Light to destroy the darkness of the Demon Lord Blackbeard! One Piece Chapter 1059 Shows how Blackbeard finally started to make his Moves, wanting to acquire even more powerful devil fruits, with Boa Hancock’s Love-Love Fruit being on his list. The Blackbeards are literally a better version of the Beast pirates, however the only difference is that the Beast Pirates had artificial Devil fruit called smiles, while the Blackbeard Pirates all of them have Actual Devil fruit and only the Most Powerful Ones! Which is only capable by Blackbeard's ability to steal others Devil Fruit Users Powers!

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