BOB AND RON WITH LYRICS By RecD - Every Friday Night Funkin' THE MUSICAL Ever (Lyrical Cover)

Bob And Ron get a legitimate full length lyrics video because the April Fool was ME all along ha ha hee hort


Written, Performed, Edited by RecD
Boyfriend, Bob, Ron and Little Man performed by RecD
The Girlfriend performed by Moop (​)

Ingame songs Composed and Arranged by Phlox: and Wildythomas:
Extra Incidental Music arranged by RecD
Art direction and Character Design: crowbobot, Moop, Flower
Video Panel Art by Jester_O_Court:
Moop, EllisBros:
and CharliChu:
Animated bits by JOnline:
and Nate Anim8:
Thumbnail by MugiMikey
Extra GFs art by crowbobot, Dreb_Fuu3, Fossil, Highronyo, LiminalLatte,
Jester_O_Court, Reebee. springystarscout and YuloYuppy
Dog by Moop
Thumbnail by MugiMikey:
Perfect Clear Footage by Gegcoin:
Produced by Josh Denty and Avantika Mishra
Friday Night Funkin is (C) NinjaMuffin99, KawaiSprite,
PhantomArcade and evilsk8r
Vs Bob Mod owned by Phlox and Wildythomas
Dream owned by Dream
Pibby Owned by by Cartoon Network
Tricky Owned by MrKrinkels
Sarvente owned by Dokki.Doodles
Dave and Bambi owned by MoldyGH
Lullaby GF and Hypno's Lullaby mod by Banbuds
Huggy Wuggy Owned by MOB Games
Sonic The Hedgehog owned by SEGA
Freakish Floating Mario Head owned by Nintendo
MugiMikey owned by MugiMikey
Jakeneutron owned by Jakeneutron
StickyBM owned by Markiplier
Five Nights at Freddy's owned by Scott Cawthon
Eduardo sprite by FNF Online & Owned by Eddsworld

#fridaynightfunkin​​​​ #fnf​​​​ #bobfnf

#fridaynightfunkin​​​​ #fnf​​​​ #bobfnf
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