Boy summons all strongest demons to merge into a god to beat Satan | Recap Anime

anime name: Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

Anime Recap: Hibiki Kuze, our protagonist, and his best friend, Daichi Shijima, have just finished their mock exams in school, they plan to go to Shibuya to shop and watch a movie. While wondering what they should do afterwards, Daichi introduces the Nicaea app, which sends death clip of one's friend and he registers Hibiki onto the app. In the subway platform, they notice their schoolmate, Lo Nitta, of a different class is waiting for the train also. While discussing about Lo, they receive a death clip from Nicaea of each other. Realizing they are right in the scene of the death clip and the oncoming train, they are too late to leave the station as it starts to shake and crumble. It looks like the two have died but then the navigational AI of Nicaea, Tico asks Hibiki if he wants to live or die, with his will to live still strong he chooses to live, and Nicaea forcefully installs the demon summoning app on his phone. When the two students are awakened and relatively unharmed in the now collapsed station, they saw movement in the rubble thinking someone is alive, but what emerged was a Kobold, they came from the dead's cellphones to attack and devour humans. Lo is still alive and was about to be attacked by one of the Kobolds, when an Ogre then comes out from Lo's cellphone and a Poltergeist from Daichi's to fight off the malignant demons, buying time for the three to escape. After running away for a bit, the three then tried to make sense of what are those monsters and the mystery of the Nicaea app. Hearing that the Kobolds are approaching, they quickly exit the station where they witness that Shibuya just experienced a disaster.

song: NEFFEX - Rumors
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