BREAKING NEWS-Boruto Anime Code Actuation Arc & Code Manga Arc COMING SOON!

BREAKING NEWS! Boruto Anime Code Actuation & Code Arcs reportedly coming in 2023! After much wait and the longest anime original arc in the entirety of the Boruto anime franchise, the Code arc of the manga is finally reportedly being set up for production, however, it won't be until 2023! What does this mean for the Boruto Naruto Next Generations manga and anime? Does this mean that the manga is heading towards a time skip, which seems likely given the events of the last manga chapter, or does this mean that the anime might potentially go ahead of the manga, similar to what Dragon Ball Super's anime did when it aired? How much of the arc will be covered and what potential story points from the Code manga arc can be expounded upon and used for the Code Actuation arc? Grab those ramen bowls, because we got a lot to discuss in today Boruto video!
Why Boruto's Anime Won't Adapt Manga Arc In 2022:
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