"Bruh. No Way Oda Revealed THIS!" Luffy & Joy Boy Mystery SOLVED - Kaido Past Unravels EVERYTHING

One Piece Manga and anime have many mysteries, who is joy boy, what is joy boy's identity being one of them.
One Piece Chapter 1036 gave more information and reasoning to WHY Monkey D. Luffy is Joy Boy, we break down all our past evidence explaining the reincarnation of Will and spirit of Joy Boy. Kaido and Kings Flashback gives us a better understanding on who Joy Boy was.
Joy Boy must have been closely connected to the Lunarian like he was with the Fish People and Shirahoshi! Joy Boy's Promise wasn't fulfilled but we know Joy Boy will return in this era of One Piece. King believed Kaido was Joy Boy, but we prove why he couldnt have been and then explain how luffy completed the prophecy of the sea kings.

We know Posieden was reincarnated into Shirahoshi, but what happened to the second sovereign? Well, we explain that the second sovereign is in fact Joy Boy who was reincarnated into Luffy. Luffy and the straw hat pirates, with Zoro, Nami, Sanji, and the crew will achieve Joy BOy's dream and create ALL BLUE, the one Sea uniting all races alike with full freedom!

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