Buster’s Painting Playdate! | Buster and Friends | Kids Cartoons | Children's Stories

It's time for Buster to paint his bedroom a new colour!

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00:00 Intro
00:08 Buster’s Painting Playdate!
03:11 The Wobbly Tooth
05:18 Buster Rescues the Runaway Train!
07:19 Buster Plays Cops and Robbers with Friends
09:21 Mother's Day Card - Super Glue Glitter Mess
11:22 Buster & Daddy Fly A Kite - Stuck In the Mud
13:24 Buster Falls into the Lake - Fishing with Daddy
15:27 Cooking Disaster - What's For Dinner Buster?
17:38 Buster & Daddy Play Soccer - Buses vs. Firetrucks
19:37 Ice Creams Down the Beach - Build the Sandcastle!
21:34 School Sports Day
23:32 Spooky Camping Trip - Scary Monster Prank
25:35 Muddy Buster Pulls a Prank at the Carwash
27:34 Scout Has a Boo Boo - Dr Buster's Hospital
29:36 Pirate Soft Play Adventures with Mummy and Ash
31:35 Buster's Camping Trip - Tent Trouble
33:33 Go Buster - Buster Is Sick And Misses Party
36:35 Naughty Bandit Halloween Costume Mix Up
39:38 Buster Saves Halloween
42:36 Back to School With Daddy
45:35 Buster's Summer Stories - Saving Sharks & Dinosaurs
48:29 Buster Saves the Day - Stuck in the Mud!
51:27 BUMommy Firetruck Saves the Day - Fighting Fires!
54:29 Halloween Dress Up
57:26 Battle Of The Basket - Super Buster Cleans Up
1:00:24 Buster no Dentista
1:03:22 Buster Saves His Friends
1:06:26 Buster Goes on an Adventure
1:09:28 Buster Saves the Puppy
1:12:32 Buster Plays with the Dinosaur

Little Baby Bus:

Little Baby Bum:
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