Buster & Daddy Fly A Kite - Stuck In the Mud | Buster and Friends | Kids Cartoons | Children's Story

Daddy gives Buster a new kite. But when they go to play with it, it blows up and gets caught on Monty the Hot Air Balloon!

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0:08 Buster & Daddy Fly A Kite - Stuck In the Mud
2:11 Buster's Camping Trip - Tent Trouble
4:10 Buster Falls into the Lake - Fishing with Daddy
6:13 Muddy Buster Pulls a Prank at the Carwash
8:14 Scout Has a Boo Boo - Dr Buster's Hospital
10:17 Buster's Musical Band - Learn to Share with Friends
12:23 Buster's Story Time - Goldilocks and the Three Bears
14:24 Buster and Ash's Playdate - It's Not All About Winning
16:24 Tidying Up Together - Do it Right
18:24 The Remote Control Car - Sharing is Caring (Buster and Scout Fall Out)
20:26 New Kid in School - Making Friends
22:26 Buster Wins a Prize at the Christmas Fair - Winter Wonderland
24:25 The Perfect Christmas Tree - Winter Day
26:35 5 Little Ducks - Be Careful When Crossing the Road
28:39 A Very Windy Day - Where is the Toy Car?

Little Baby Bus:

Little Baby Bum:
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