Buster Gets a Wobbly Tooth! | Go Buster | Baby Cartoon | Kids Video

Buster loves his sweet snacks, like lollipops and ice creams. However, when all that sugary sweetness gives him a wobbly tooth, Amber the Ambulance teaches him the importance of keeping his teeth clean.
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Go Buster! - Cartoons for Kids: Season 1

Go Buster is an animated online educational kids series watched all over the globe. Brought to you by the creators of Little Baby Bum.

Go Buster encourages learning, creativity, and fun! Learn colors, shapes, and numbers with our well-loved characters! Sing along and watch some classic nursery rhymes, songs, and original videos!

0:00 Buster's Wobbly Tooth
2:10 Wheels on the Bus - Stuck in the Mud! Narration
4:08 Frozen Buster
6:12 Playing in the Snow
8:14 Buster Goes To Jail
10:15 Buster Plays Soccer
12:11 Magic Buster's Rainbow Super Power
14:16 Buster and Friends Stand Up to Bandit the Bully
16:20 Buster the Wizard - Magic Spell Book
18:20 Oh No! Buster’s Stuck in the Slimy Green Puddle
19:51 Robot Buster is Being Mean! - Stand Up to Bullies
21:53 Buster Plays Skittles
23:53 Where's Buster? - Stuck In The Mud
25:54 Zombie Buster At The Carwash
27:57 Spooky Halloween Don’t Be Scared Song - No More Tears

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