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It’s a snowy Christmas and Buster the Bus is so excited! With the help of the friendly Robin, Buster goes in search of the perfect Christmas tree. Let’s hope he can get it back to the Garage in one piece!


Verse 1
Buster wake up quick
Snow is falling all around
Drive yourself outside
Snow is all over the ground

It's a wintry delight
It's been snowing through the night!
All buster needs is a christmas tree
To shine so big and bright!

Verse 2
So quickly come with me
Says a robin joyously
I know the perfect place to find
A brilliant christmas tree

So the robin takes the lead
Flying high above at speed
Buster follows below,
Driving through the thick white snow

And there they find the Christmas tree!
Standing up so tall,
A perfect tree to decorate
with lights and bright baubles

Here it is, the christmas tree
It's going to look so great
Drive it home to decorate
Oh Buster just can’t wait.

Verse 3
Driving through the snow
With a christmas tree in tow
Be careful Buster the bus!
Steady as you go!

The christmas tree has slipped
And is rolling, falling down
Quickly buster! Chase that tree
All the way back through the town!

Oh Chase that falling christmas tree
Its tumbling through the snow
Tangling up with christmas lights
Catch up with it oh no!

Oh Chase that falling christmas tree
Its flying through the sky!
Buster races through the snow
Looking up at the tree so high!

Verse 4
The tree is falling down
So fast towards the ground!
But luck has come around!
Because its landed safe and sound!

Oh christmas tree you look!
So Beautiful and Bright!
Buster the bus is a lucky little bus
Merry christmas and goodnight!
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