Car cartoon full episodes & street vehicles for kids - Leo the Truck & a loader. Trucks for kids.

Come and watch new adventures of Leo the Truck and his friends - Lea the Truck, Lifty the forklift, Scoop the excavator, and 3 funny robots. What cars will friends build today? Will the friends be able to save the plane and go on a trip? What is hidden in eggs with surprises? What game did the friends come up with at the amusement park? Let's find out together in a new cartoon compilation on Leo the Truck official channel.

00:00 - Leo the Truck and a loader
07:30 - Leo the Truck and a plane ladder
14:19 - A new game for friends
21:13 - A de-icing machine for the plane
28:30 - Leo the Truck and surprise eggs
35:30 - Leo the Truck and a new station
42:05 - Leo the Truck and a mill
40:00 - A flashlight for Scoop the excavator

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