Car cartoons for babies. Learn the types of cars, trucks. Ambulance, fire truck, police car, tractor

In this series of cartoons about cars you will see the new adventures of truck Tim and tractor Max in the city of cars. Many friends of the heroes live in the city of cars - pickup Beal, cars Lucy and Ben, SUV Justin, police car Molly, and others. We will get acquainted with the different types of transport that the semi truck will deliver, find out what car bodies are, what trains and wagons, planes and ships.

"Truck Tim Cartoons" сhannel about cars for kids and toddlers. In our videos we learn to count up to 10, learn colors and numbers! Join to us :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC32S5v_arlBOWT9reJTSuWw

Playlist. Car cartoons all series:

Playlist. Educational cartoons. "Truck Tim in car city". all series in a row:

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