Car cartoons for kids & Helper cars cartoon full episodes - Fire truck cartoon for kids.

Do you like to watch car cartoons for kids and Helper cars cartoon full-episodes? Come and watch a new fire truck cartoon for kids as the first part of a new Helper cars full episode cartoon! In the first part of a new car cartoon for kids, a fire truck will save a puppy. Let's see how brave he is! In the second part of a new baby cartoon, toy construction vehicles - an excavator, a toy truck, a crane truck, and a bulldozer will build a mountain road. In the third part of a new cars cartoon for kids, toy construction vehicles will repair the lift. In the last part of a new full episode cartoon, an ambulance will save animals. Good job, Helper cars! Thanks for your help! Find more Helper cars full episodes on our kids' cartoon channel!

00:01 - A fire truck saves a puppy
04:57 - Helper Cars build a mountain road
10:18 - Construction vehicles repair the lift
15:34 - An ambulance saves animals

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