Car Cartoons for Kids. The Bulldozer song for babies. Leo the Truck & Street Vehicles. Cars & trucks

Are you ready to hear the new song for babies - the Bulldozer song for kids? Come watch car cartoons for kids and sing-along baby songs for kids with Leo the Truck! Play with street vehicles for kids, construction vehicles for kids, toy cars and toy trucks for children while watching Leo the truck cartoon for kids online on Youtube!

00:00 - The Bulldozer song for kids
02:41 - The Cement Mixer song for kids
05:11 - The Fire Truck song for kids
07:54 - The Petrol Tanker song for kids
10:46 - The Wheels On The Bus song for kids
13:44 - The Cars song for kids
15:51 - The Tow Truck song for kids
18:12 - The Sea song song for kids
21:36 - The Excavator song for kids
24:21 - The Animals' Train song for kids

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