Car cartoons full episodes & Street vehicles cartoon for babies - Leo the Truck & a snowcat.

Watch car cartoons full episodes and play with Leo the Truck and street vehicles for kids! Watch a new street vehicles cartoon for babies about Leo the Truck, a snowcat, and other kids’ vehicles and cars for kids. In the first part of a new car cartoon for kids, Leo the Truck will build a snowcat to help his friends. In the second part of a new kids’ cartoon, Leo and friends will find surprise eggs and build a wooden railway and a toy train for kids. In the third part of a new learning cartoon for kids, we will build a plane ladder for robots and Lea the Truck. In the fourth part of a new cartoon compilation for kids, we will help Lea the Truck to build a fountain in the garden. In the two last parts of a new cars cartoon for babies, we will assemble new kids’ vehicles - a de-icing machine and an RC boat for kids.

00:01 - Leo the Truck and a snowcat
07:10 - Leo the Truck and surprise eggs
14:02 - Leo the Truck and a plane ladder
20:36 - Leo the Truck and a fountain
27:07 - Leo the Truck and a de-icing machine
34:35 - Leo the Truck and an RC boat

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