Car cartoons full episodes & Street vehicles cartoon for kids. Leo the Truck & cars for kids.

Watch car cartoons for kids & car cartoons full episodes about Leo the truck and cars for kids. Try out the new street vehicles' cartoon for kids and learn new cars and trucks with Leo the truck and his funny friends! Leo always help us to build some new vehicles - toy trucks for kids, toy cars for kids, toy working machines, and toy construction vehicles for kids. What vehicles will Leo build this time? Let's find out together!

00:00 - The harvester in the tunnel
07:40 - A garage for vehicles
14:10 - A fountain for Lea
20:35 - Leo and friends find eggs
31:58 - A new loader
37:00 - A rain machine
43:00 - A plane ladder
50:07 - mill
56:10 - A retro car
1:03:00 - A flashlight

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