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Join Cozy Coupe on his fun educational adventures for kids. Cozy Coupe is an online series that helps kids to learn, get creative and have lots of fun! Tune in each week to enjoy new original kids videos.

CAR-nival 0:16
Cozy Finds a Home Of His Own 2:20
Chopper in the Outfield 4:27
Oh No, Deputy Cozy Is Stuck In Jail! 6:27
The Talent Show 8:35
Cozy's Cooking 10:38
Ice Cream Hero 12:41
Lights, Camera, Action! 14:43
The Turtle Race 16:51
On Thin Ice 18:52
Recycle Party 20:56
Here Comes Train - Welcome Back Party 22:56
Cozy Trains For His Brave And Amazing Jump 24:58
Chief's Birthday Cake Disaster - Cozy Saves the Day 27:01
Cozy’s Night at the Movies - Popcorn Panic! 29:02

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