CARNAGE VS RIOT - Fight Animation

Riot vs Carnage PART 1...

Hello guys if you are new to the channel, welcome...My name is Unstoppable Animations and I am someone who is fairly new in the field of animation. This is my 3rd ever animation and my first animation that I ever made where every single keyframe was hand placed, with no add-ons or extensions. As you guys can see, I still have much more to learn when it comes to animating, and I hope that with each one of these animations, I slowly notice improvement. That being said, this animation in specific does have some rendering issues and a couple of compatibility issues. This is the fastest I've ever made an animation (I made this in 3 weeks) and I started working on it as soon as I finished my previous animation. The issue with this is that i burnt myself out and I had lost my motivation to continue with this animation...I haven't even planned on uploading this, however after a couple of months went by, I've decided that I want to come back to animating once again, but i want to start with something fresh. In order to do this I wanted to get this animation out of my conscious so I finished editing the video and decided it was time to put it out. Sorry for the ending, the fight was not supposed to end this way, however I am going to wait until my motivation to finish this project comes back to make the rest, that way I can put my full effort into it, and hopefully the animation will look better in Part ll as I continue to learn... The next animation that I am going to work on will be Moon Knight vs The Dark Knight (Batman) and I am going to be putting a ton of effort to make it my best animation so far. it will be difficult because I want to experiment with new kinds of physics and environments, but I really plan on working hard for it and hopefully learning some new things. I plan on hopefully making update videos before the animation is out with some little clips here and then, hopefully I can get the first one out soon while the hype is still around both of these characters...I hope to see you guys around for this upcoming experience I have planned, feel free to subscribe so you don't miss it!


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