Central Intelligence +The Boy Who Sold His Laughter (2017) Films Explained Hindi Summarized हिन्दी

Central Intelligence +The Boy Who Sold His Laughter (2017) drama movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The American Drama Adventure film story summarized with a full ending in हिन्दी explanation. The plot is about Calvin is a high-achieving student in his school. He starts working for a well-known company after twenty years. In order to attend the school reunion, he receives numerous friend inventions. He receives his friend request from Bob Stone, Robbie who was tormented by his peers because for being fat when he was his class mate but now he has become a fit person with perfect muscles. In a bar, he meets Robbie, who informs him that he is an FIA agent. Later, he seeks Calvin’s help in finding the criminal known as Black Badger, who stole the bank’s information and intends to sell it. The FIA agents track down Robbie, believing him to be the criminal Black Badger. After more inquiry, they discover that their friend Phil is not dead, but rather a black Badger. Robbie re-enlists in the FIA and joins Calvin on one of his missions.

On the other hand this film, "The Legend of Timm Thaler a.k.a Boy Who Sold His Laughter is about a young boy named "Timm," who never stops laughing and always has a smile on his face. He has a best friend who is the bakery owner's daughter. They used to watch a comedy movie and then burst out laughing. "Timm's" father dies, and his stepmother fails to create a "Tombstone " for him. "Timm" is looking for funds to create a "Tombstone " of his father. He makes a lot of money when he bets on the horse race. He is always the winner of the bet. He has a lot of money now. The strangers robbed him of the money he won from the bet, which is why he has to sign the contract. Prior to this, he has given his laughter to a man named "Baron," with whom he has signed a contract. He wants his father's laughter back after making the "Tombstone " of his father. His friend notices that he is gradually losing his laughter.

Later, he goes to meet "Baron," but no one lets him enter and no one lets him enter the horse track because he has already won a lot of money. "Timm" was apprehended by "Baron," who informs him that he is in charge of the world's evil tasks. "Timm" requests his smile back, but he declines. "Kreschimir," his best friend, moves to assist "Timm" Finally, "Timm's" best friend bets on him that he will never laugh, and he accepts the bet while saying that the wealth will not be heavier than friendship and laughter. Later, he regains his laughter, and they notice that "Baron" has turned his messengers into mice, and "Timm" says he will take care of them. This marked the end of the film. In my views you all should watch these full movie in your free time as both are full of happiness and humorous.

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