Channel 81's First Ever Hallowstream

Please enjoy a selection of Channel 81's best programming as well as classic movies and cartoons befitting the spookiest day of the year!

1000PM - WORLD PREMIERE – True and Disturbing Halloween Stories 2
1010PM - Icky & Friends – Icky Has Fangs
1015PM - The 81 Disc Footage
1035PM - The Haunted Castle
1039PM - Popeye – Fright to the Finish
1045PM - True and Disturbing Ghost Stories
1105PM - WORLD PREMIERE – Coffin Park
1110PM - Casper The Friendly Ghost
1120PM - Haunted Happenings: The Second Episode
1135PM - True and Disturbing Halloween Stories
1140PM - WORLD PREMIERE – Memories of Home
1145PM - Devil in a Convent
1149PM - Felix the Ghost Breaker
1155PM - WORLD PREMIERE – The Field Where We Pray

(Times are estimated.)

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