CHEF ADLEY feeds NAVEY!! Niko meets the Real Spiderman & Superhero Dinner! Disney Wish Family Movie

Meeting Pirate Goofy and Captain Mickey on our last day!!

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Best Last Cruise Day Ever 1282

It is out last day on the cruise and we plan on getting every drop of fun out of it. We are heading up to the deck to meet the captain of the boat, Minnie Mouse!! Navey is so excited, she loves Minnie and Mickey so this is really fun for her. While we are there, we see pirate Donald Duck and Goofy walking around the ship. I hope we can meet up with them.

It's time for breakfast and our morning routine has kinda changed since we have been on vacation. The kiddos are eating great, but now Niko's food turn into musical instruments and Adley has dance parties. Navey learns to peel a banana and is so proud of herself for doing it. Before breakfast is over Adley turned into a chef and Niko into a waiter. They get me Apple juice and cereal, but Adley keeps tasting my food and Niko makes a mess by stacking tons of food on my plate. Grrr these kiddos!!

In a really special moment, we are going to the Marvel section of the ship so Niko Bear can meet two of his favorite superheroes, Spiderman and Black Panther. Niko talks to them about powers and how much he likes them. We then grab some pictures so we can always remember the time Niko met his heroes in real life!

It's now time to swim!! We found this really fun kids pool that we want to try out as well as a waterside the is dinosaur themed, so of course the kiddos want to slide on it. While we are swimming, we learn that Navey likes to belly flop in the water. Its hilarious just watching her flop in the pool. The kiddos play on a waterfall for a bit before we go to a deeper pool that Adley and Niko practice swimming in.

We get dressed and head to dinner at the Marvel dinning room. This is going to be a super hero dinner so Niko Bear and I dress up as hulk smash!! Thus place is awesome! They have Captain America's super suit, black panters claws, and tons of ant man fun. We even accidentally shrink the cruise ship! Oh no! Luckily with his help, we make everything right again as we eat dinner! For desert, Adley and Niko come with me to Joy from Inside Outs ice cream parlor. It's really really tasty and the kiddos love it.

Jenny takes Niko and Navey back to our cabin to do their bed time routine while Adley and I explore the ship for the last time. We find a movie theater showing Lightyear and Minnie Mouse saying hi to people. Adley dances and does tumbling on a stage before we find Mickey also getting pictures with guests.

What an amazing night and trip! This has been an amazing vacation full of surprises and tons of fun! So we decided to make a movie of the trip, so you can enjoy every moment again or for the very first time! Thank you again Disney for inviting us on the new Wish cruise ship!!

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