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Chhota Bheem and his friends are enjoying eating Laddoos! Children visit Jaggu’s home in the forest to play games. Suddenly Jaggu’s friend Piggu visits. Piggu says to Chhota Bheem & friends that how Jaggu is secretly gifting him daily. But Jaggu mentions that he never did any gifting to Piggu. Now kids become terrified and want to know who is trapping innocent Piggu. So Chhota Bheem and his friends thought of a plan to find out this mystery. As kids execute the plan, they find out that it was Piggy who was secretly gifting Piggu. Piggy is a cute pig and wants to befriend Piggu. Now the confusion is cleared, and everyone is happy. Suddenly, a leopard tries to attack Piggu!

Who will save Piggu from the leopard? Can Piggy save Piggu and become his friend? Will Chhota Bheem and friends be able to save everyone from danger?

Watch this Chhota Bheem video to know the end!

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