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It’s bathing day with our Hooray kids songs family! Little Luka likes to take a bath with a squeaky rubber duck. When Emma takes a bath she likes to turn the water blue, and dives and splashes. Grandma takes her scented baths for ours. Mum likes to read in the bathtub. So, the whole family has fun taking a bath because: The dirt must go!

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Here are the lyrics for the bath song „Hooray, we take a bath!“ to sing-along

When Luka takes a bath, he takes a rubber duck,
He loves to make it squeak – while splashing off the muck.
Mum shampoos his hair –My head is full of bubbles!
And rinses carefully –Close your eyes. Washcloth!
Mum washes his feet –Mum, it tickles!
And lastly his belly! Scrub, scrub, scrub!

When Emma takes a bath, she turns the water blue.
She sprays her watering can, then dives and splashes too.
Mum shampoos her hair – Shampoo makes foam.
And rinses off the suds – Put your head back! Ahh, feels good.
Emma cleans her ears – The dirt must go!
And gives her feet a scrub. - Splish, splash, splosh! Haha, calm down!

Barky takes a bath in muddy puddles. Woof, woof!
Grandma takes her scented baths hours. Hohoho.
Mum likes to read while she is bathing! , So exciting!
Dad won’t bath at all, – but he showers!
If you take a bath your fingers prune!
Ohhh daddy!

When Henry takes a bath, he’ll splash and he will splish.
He swims just like a frog, he dives just like a fish!
Dad shampoos his hair – Yeah - more foam!
And rinses off the suds - Close your eyes! Shower on!
Henry cleans his feet. The dirt must go!!
Gets rid of all the mud – I clean dad’s ears too! Ohoho, help!

Watch out a giant wave!
More bubbles!
Hey, not everybody in the bath at once!
Where’s my duck? It’s here – splaaaash!

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