Chris learns good habits with Mom | 1 Hour Video

Mom teaches children good habits - brushing teeth, washing hands before eating, using sticky notes.

00:00 Chris learns good habits with Mom
04:17 Sink or Float with Vlad and Niki
09:37 Chris and Mom show how important it is to Wash your Hands
13:21 Learn English Alphabet with pools
21:17 Vlad and Niki show the safety rules in the pool
25:26 Chris and Mom show the safety rules for kids
29:37 Chris and mom doing shopping in Toy store
33:24 Vlad and Niki build Three Level House
38:49 New Room for baby Chris
42:45 Niki wants to be the best brother for Chris
46:26 Airplane challenge with Vlad and Niki
51:37 Chocolate & Soda Challenge for Mom
55:01 Vlad and Niki - magic dress up
58:16 Vlad and Niki play with Kittens

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