Cinderella kannada explained Disney movie story#infobell #kannadamovies #cartoon #animation #kannada

Cinderella kannada explained Disney movie story #kannadamovies #cartoon #animation #kannada

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Horror,Thriller & Mystery movies will be Explained & Review in kannada Mov I Eyes Movieyes

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Cinderella fantasy english movie explained in kannada

Cinderella movie explained in kannada on 2022 kannada new movies

Disney princess story Cinderella

#anandaudio #infobellskannada #kannadamovies #cinderella #kannadafilmnagar #srsmediavision #leharimusic
#sandalwoodentertainment #sriganeshvideo

Mov I Eyes This is the channel for kannada audience who missed the best experience of world cinema ,only because of the language problem , language is not a problem to watch the world cinema . So here we are to solve the language problem to watch the world cinema ...:))This is our greatest attempt . we going to explain the concept and the story and plots of all language greatest movies , that you couldn't miss . And we are going to do that in short and sweet way .
We Explain story in Kannada , and Kannda story Explanation of Hollywood movies and all other language movies, we going to explain the story's in our own way , Hollywood story review , Explanation in Kannada , English movies plot and story telling

If u are a Kannada audience who is feeling bad for missing the world movies only because of no dubbing in Kannada. Don't feel bad anymore || Mov I Eyes channel is there for you .To enjoy the story of the best movies .. please subscribe and Keep supporting us ...


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