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Learn Dinosaurs for Kids Scary Dinosaur Cartoon Compilation
A 1 HOUR COMPLIATION of our best Dinosaur videos for kids. Learn Dinosaur names and sounds with this collection of cute and scary Dino cartoons for children. This video contains dinosaur fights, a dinosaur abc, counting with dinosaurs, dinosaurs guessing games and more! Learning dinosaurs is fun with Club Baboo!

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00:00:00 Ceratosaurus Bones
00:03:24 Club Baboo
00:03:31 Baboo, Luna and Rocky are having a nice Picnic when a Velociraptor suddenly shows up
00:04:48 Oviraptor
00:05:37 Jianxisaurus
00:06:25 Club Baboo is having a water pistol fight and gets help from a Brachiosaurus
00:07:45 Learn Dinosaur names with this Baby Dinosaurs Puzzle
00:09:29 Baboo saves the Triceratop-babies with the help of a Brachiosaurus from an angry Pterodactyl
00:12:49 Building a Elasmosaurus
00:16:28 Triceratops
00:17:17 At the fun fair
00:18:19 Stegosaurus
00:19:07 Elasmosaurus
00:19:58 Baboo helps the Ornithomimus get her egg back from a scary Oviraptor
00:22:48 Counting Dinosaurs
00:23:39 The T-Rex helps Baboo and Duke inflate their rubber boat
00:24:21 A dino fight between a Triceratops and a T-REX
00:28:40 Building a Stegosaurus
00:30:47 Help Baboo solve this Dinosaur Puzzle
00:32:15 Baboo and Katy are roller skating with the Ornithomimus
00:33:15 Wrong Head Dinosaurs - Blikanasaurus, Oviraptor, Quetzalcoatlus, Kentrosaurus
00:35:41 Learn Dinosaur names with this Baby Dinosaurs Puzzle
00:37:37 BD03_BushDoors_Ankylosaurus_VoorComp.mp4
00:38:20 Marshmallows
00:39:53 Dino ABC
00:42:48 Sowing seeds
00:44:35 Learn Dinosaur names with this Dino Puzzle
00:46:08 Club Baboo goes fishing and Rocky catches a Mosasaurus
00:47:34 Velociraptor Bones
00:50:28 Duke and Baboo are picking lots of Bananas with a baby Triceratops
00:51:27 Dino ABC
00:54:19 Learn Dinosaur names with this Dino Puzzle
00:55:52 Brachiosaurus eats some cotton candy on the fun fair
00:57:10 Draw a Triceratops
00:58:50 Building a Spinosaurus
01:01:11 T-Rex
01:01:52 Baboo and Katy make cool shoes out of Lego for the Ornithomimus
01:02:36 Parasaurolophus

Club Baboo is a family friendly youtube channel with an emphasis on cute learning videos for kids. We offer the best way to learn about animals, dinosaurs, ABC's, numbers, shapes and colors. Please enjoy this fun cartoon cartoons compilation.

Music from https://filmmusic.io
"Rainbows", "Kawai Kitsune", "Quasi Motion", "Monkeys Spinning Monkeys", "Night Cave", "Quirky Dog", "Artifact", "Digya" by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)
License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

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