Come Back Home, Baby Tokki! Don't Feel Jealous | Tokki Channel Kids Cartoon

Video: Come Back Home, Baby Tokki! Don't Feel Jealous | Tokki Channel Kids Cartoon
Link: https://youtu.be/PBUF_DrbEQA
When Mommy is pregnant, Tokki is afraid that she won't love him anymore so he try to help her in everything. Mom wondered if Tokki was tired. Tokki tells her mother about her fear. Mom comforts Tokki that she will always love him
00:00 : Intro
00:06 : Mommy, will you still love me?
03:06 : Lilly! don't cry! Mommy is here
05:37 : Mommy, please come home!
08:58 : Mommy doesn't love Tokki anymore
12:13 : Let's help Mommy!
15:04 : Let's make chocolate pop it!
18:22 : Lilly, cam I eat your carrot?
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About Tokki channel:
Welcome to the Official Tokki Channel and the world of Tokki on Youtube. Together with Tokki, we will explore the world full of surprises, useful lessons, meaningful games, and joyful playtimes. Watch Tokki as he lives and learns about the world around him with his friends and family through events that happen in his everyday life and holidays like Christmas or Halloween. Sometimes, Tokki joins his friends on fairy tale adventures into another world, learning new lessons and meeting new friends.

Meet Tokki and his wonderful family:

Tokki is a loveable but slightly hot-tempered 5 years old little bunny living with his parents and his sister Lilly. Tokki loves playing with his friends Oliver the Pig and William the Lion, helping his parents, hanging out with Grandpa and Grandma Rabbit and taking care of Lilly. Most of all, Tokki enjoy lying down and watch the blue sky while doing nothing, and play with DIY toys, building toys or car toys

Lilly is the naughty 4 years old bunny who is always full of ideas and wants to be a princess when she grows up. She is very playful and loves to play with her brothers. Lilly is afraid of ghosts and the dark.

Mother Rabbit is a housewife who takes care of all the housework, but she always encourages her children to try new things and do everything for themself. She loves to take care of her backyard carrot field.

Daddy Rabbit is a working-at-home loving father. He likes to make DIY toys for his children, take them out for a picnic. Contradict with his wife, he always want to do household chores for his children/

Have fun with Tokki the Bunny and his friends: Oliver the Pig, William the Lion, Bubble the Sheep, Rosy and Andre the Fox, Linh the spindlehorn, Lucas the Dingo, Panny the Panda, Sebastian the Wolf, Kathy the Cat, Fuzzy the Monkey, and so many interesting adult character in the world of Tokki.

Who said kids can’t be both happy and smart?


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