Confusing Things In Doraemon,Shinchan | Gian Song | Shinchan Yohara Family | Tom And Jerry Mystery

In this video i will tell you about confusing things from doraemon and shinchan like who is main character of doraemon series, who is yohara family in shinchan etc

0:00 Intro
0:16 Gian song lover
1:03 Doraemon main character
1:28 Shinchan yohara family
2:01 Shizuka dekisugi
2:24 Tom And Jerry Horror Mystery
3:21 pokemon journeys goh
4:02 Doraemon most powerful cat robot

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Disclaimer anything said in the video which is not pure facts are fan theories and hypothesis and can be either true or false
Copyrighted material are used under section 107 which allow fair use for review and criticism purpose

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