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Digley and Dazey, two best friends who love to get in all sorts of adventures together with other construction truck pals. Through their adventures, there are lots of lessons to be learnt and fun to be had.

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⭐ Best of DIGLEY AND DAZEY cartoons!

00:00 Digley and Dazey - Counting Block Castle - STEM Learning for Kids
02:06 Mixing Colors
04:07 Find the Shapes
06:10 Oh No! Digley is Sick - Pancake Shack Problem
08:16 The Fairground Ferris Wheel - Digley's Stuck!
10:24 Power Cut on the Construction Site
12:39 Race Around the Construction Site!
14:42 Crazy Golf
16:55 Windy Day Makes Accidents Happen - Teamwork Makes Wind Power!
18:56 Rainbow Building Construction Gets Messy
20:59 Save the KITTEN! - Muddy Puddle Splash
22:57 Fire at the Construction Site - Ashley Saves the Day!
25:01 Digley and Dazey Save the Frogs - Let’s All Build a Pond!
27:02 Haunted House Mystery
29:01 Ice Block Swap
30:58 Dazey is Sick
33:00 Water Wheel Water Slide
35:04 Gingerbread House
37:08 Windmill Panic - Snowed In
39:14 Construction Trouble - Upside Down Playhouse
41:12 Baby Kitten Rescue
43:13 Blockage in the Trench - Working Together
45:14 Windy Day at the Farm - Save the Sheep
47:16 Mrs. Skip Gets Stuck on a Boat
49:21 What Are The Bunnies Up To? - Building a Barn"

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