Cozy's Construction Day - Stuck In A Muddy Hole | Kids Videos | Let's Go Cozy Coupe

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Join Cozy Coupe on his fun educational adventures for kids. Cozy Coupe is an online series that helps kids to learn, get creative and have lots of fun! Tune in each week to enjoy new original kids videos.

Cozy's Construction Day - Stuck In A Muddy Hole 0:16
Cozy Delivers Letters and Gets a Huge Surprise 2:18
Firetruck's Stuck in the River! - Team Rescue to Free Him 4:23
Cozy's Crazy Ice Cream Accident 6:29
Hide and Seek with Friends - Wobbly Paint Panic 8:27
Cozy & Friends Play Soccer 10:32
Clubhouse Construction at the Beach 12:31
Detective Cozy Solves a Mystery - Fairy Spills Paint Everywhere! 14:30
Fire Emergency! - Fire Truck & Cozy Fight the Fire 16:33
We're Dancing and Grooving - 'Til The Music Stops 18:37
Water Balloon Fight - Save the Flowers 20:45
Surfs Up on the Beach - Rescue Mission 22:55
Yes Yes Vegetable Disaster 24:54
Oh No, Deputy Cozy Is Stuck In Jail! 26:58
Cozy’s Night at the Movies - Popcorn Panic! 29:06
Chopper in the Outfield 31:07

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