daine - black and blue (official audio)

daine – black and blue from debut mixtape ‘Quantum Jumping’
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Video Credits:
Animation: Gina Wagstaffe
Artwork: SA Mayer

i think about it a lot
how everyone is there but theyre not
smiling having fun is not enough
but its what they all want
i have my doubts
but ill hold my breath
to knock myself out

the water is too shallow for me to swim
and so i crash
you need to pour more water
or ill choke
i wonder if every place i go
i’m alone
every person i’ve ever known could
feel like home

i tell myself i’m not alone
cover my eyes
and come undone
i dream so wild in black and blue
colours i associate with you
am i really back again
i want u as my best friend
i cant pretend anymore
the shallow water makes me bored

can i invest all my trust?
can i trade in all my love for touch?
is interlaced fingers not enough?
when you only hold me at home
and not on the bus
are you afraid that caring might be too much

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