Did You See This In The Mario Movie Trailer?!?! (Cartoon News)


The Super Mario Bros. Movie released its official trailer coming from Nintendo and Illumination. During the new Mario Movie trailer, we see Bowser capturing Luigi, Mario & Luigi in Brooklyn, Mario fighting Donkey Kong, a new Princess Peach, and so much more!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie looks better than most people expected. It celebrates the source material of the Mushroom Kingdom, while still telling a unique story for the big screen. Nintendo and Illumination have spent years perfecting the formula, ultimately hoping to be the new king of video game movies. Could The Super Mario Bros. Movie end up being better than Detective Pikachu or Sonic The Hedgehog?

SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE OFFICIAL TRAILER:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnGl01FkMMo&t=0s

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