DiNO ESCAPE at the PARK!! Niko & Adley have a Dad Day with Dinosaurs and Friends! digging for gems!

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Best Dino Park Day Ever 1232

It's a dad day!! Baby Navey and Jenny are off visiting grandma, so Adley and Niko Bear get to hang out with me all day! We start off the fun by making a slide downstairs in the basement. It's like our own little playground or club house. While we are down there, Adley sets up a pretend play school day and Niko gets all his toy animals and we make a zoo.

Niko Bear comes up with the idea that we should go to the park. Not just a normal park, but a dinosaur park! Adley has the idea that should call up Holladay and see if he and his boys want to come have a dad day with us. We decide to meet up at the spacestation so we can snag some of our brand new A for Adley merch hoodies (coming soon this holiday season, so keep an eye out). They are super cute with dinosaur foot prints and our new 3D animation cartoon characters.

Back at the house, Jenny and Navey sneak back home for quite time and a nap. Once Navey is a sleep and won't wake up, Jenny crawls into bed with some Nanners and starts to play one of our favorite games, Best Fiends!! Big thanks to them again for sponsoring this part of the vlog.

At the dino park, the kids can hardly wait to get in and see everything. There are claws, bones, and teeth. The kids even come up with a new game, seeing if they could guess what was a claw and what wasn't. We find an area where the kiddos can dig for gems and stones. Adley finds a giant geode that we get to cut open and see what's inside.

Its then out into the backyard of the museum where we get to see life size statues of all our favorite dinosaurs . Niko is running all over, hugging the dinos, Adley is giving them high fives and we can't pass up playing on the dinosaur slide and swings! Wait, did on of the dinos escaper?!!

Back home, Adley and Niko are all tuckered out. We snuggle on the couch to watch our pirates and fairy cartoon before starting our bedtime routine.

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