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ROAR! Meet the Melon Patch Academy Dinosaurs! Roar and sing with our prehistoric friends!

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0:00 Dinosaur Song
3:09 Ten Little Dinos
6:57 Cody's Special Day
9:25 Bad Dream Song
12:26 Humpty Dumpty
14:53 Pet Care
17:53 Sharing Song
21:24 Yes Yes Vegetables Song
25:11 Doggy Hunt
27:57 London Bridge is Falling Down

⭐ Lyrics ⭐

The Dinosaurs lived long ago
They hatched from little eggs
They start so small but grow, and grow!
What dinos do you know?


The Tyrannosaurus he’s the best
My favorite Dinosaur
With little arms and big sharp teeth
To chomp and chomp and ROAR!

The Pteranodon she’s the best
My favorite Dinosaur
She’s got a beak and big long wings
To flap and flap and ROAR!

The Parasaur she’s the best
My favorite Dinosaur
With a classy crest and ducky bill
To munch and munch and ROAR!

The Ultrasaurus he’s the best
My favorite Dinosaur
With a great long neck and giant feet
To stomp and stomp and ROAR!

The Stegosaurus he’s the best
My favorite Dinosaur
With plates on his back and spiky tail
To smash and smash and ROAR!

The Triceratops she’s the best
My favorite Dinosaur
With a fancy frill and three long horns
To charge and charge and ROAR!


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