Disney Plus BANNED Cartoons: Bluey Episode "Dad Baby" is TOO CONTROVERSIAL in the US (Bluey Theory)

Why was Bluey Dad Baby episode banned on disney plus and on disney junior and EVERYWHERE outside of Australia?! Was Dad baby too controversial so it got on the disney plus banned cartoons list?

Use this link to activate a VPN so you can watch BLUEY SEASON 3 too! https://nordvpn.com/margie. and here is the step by step tutorial on how to access it and the Australia ABC iview website to watch bluey for free https://youtu.be/q4yGPRGYbZA

I am a big fan of bluey and with season 3 airing in Australia I thought I would do a breakdown of every two episodes with a small review, some spoilers, and any bluey theories that might pop up. Bluey season 1 and 2 hit disney plus two months after airing in Australia so hopefully, it will be out for everyone soon!

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