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Welcome to Moonbug Kids - Baby Cartoons and Kids Songs. In this channel, you will find the most MAGICAL nursery rhymes and kids cartoons that your children will love!

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Episode List:
Doctor Knows Best 0:00
Baby Is Sick 2 2:59
Swimming Lessons 6:58
Hiccup Song 10:08
Friends Song 13:51
I Like School 17:37
Christmas Is The Best 21:28
Racing Cars On The Playground 25:41
Everyone Helps Around The House 29:1
Ice Cream Song 31:54
My Brother My Hero 35:30
Toy Car Race Song 38:10
Animals At The Zoo 41:13
Getting Ready For School 44:31
Pet Vet Checkup Song 47:28
Be Safe At The Mall 51:12
Johny Jonhy Yes Papa (Who Ate The Cupcakes) 54:27
Yes Yes Playground Song 3 58:06
No No I Am Afraid Song 1:02:07
Halloween Song 1:05:49
Where Is My Favourite Toy? 1:08:39
Bath Song (Color Sharks) 1:12:14
Playtime Song (Building Blocks) 1:15:30
I Love My Dollhouse 1:19:15
Be Patient (Tick Tock Goes The Clock) 1:22:12
Parent's Career Day 1:25:38
Daddy Got A Boo Boo 1:29:06
I Want To Be A Fireman 1:32:16
Where Is Your Mouth? 1:35:20
What's Inside The Package? 1:39:17
No More Jumping On The Bed 1:41:17
Don't Talk To Strangers (Little Red Riding Hood) 1:44:51
Happy Birthday 1:48:17
Feeling Happy Or Sad 1:52:06
First Boo Boo 1:55:06
Playtime At The Beach 1:58:51
Playtime Song (At The Field) 2:01:49
Left Or Right? (Don't Get Lost In The Corn Maze) 2:06:05
Boo Boo Song (Dentist) 2:09:13
Red Light Green Light 2:12:52

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