Dragon Ball Super Anime Returns in 2023 - SHOULD It?

Dragon Ball Super COULD be returning with an anime in 2023...but SHOULD it?

After nearly five years, the DBS Anime is reportedly coming back with new weekly episodes next year which continues after the Tournament of Power. However, the overall progression of the story is uncertain. Will the manga story be animated or will something new come along or a mix of the two? We take a look at the news, the result of DBS Superhero and more.

02:30 Wait a minute...
03:02 The manga is the answer?
05:52 Cash is King
08:35 What does the fandom even want??
10:52 Is Dragon Ball destined to repeat itself?

Will the performance of Dragon Ball Super Super Hero be a factor in the development of DBS 2023? Today I wish to discuss these ideas with you and voice my thoughts on this project.

SHOULD the Dragon Ball Super 2023 Anime Return?

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