drawung clown x ( inspirated by @CARTOON CAT ) original clown x was made by @Revolver animations

so yeah.

all credits belong to:
@CARTOON CAT (the guy that I inspiration on the drawing)

@REVOLVER ANIMATIONS (Creator of original clown x)

clown x was not made by me, and I got inspired in @CARTOON CAT drawing as u can see on the image on that I got the colors, so I hope u liked this drawing.

and pls, check out the @CARTOON CAT and @REVOLVER ANIMATIONS they are very talented content creators, they are very good animators and all of it.

so that's it, hope u enjoyed this drawing and don't mind if I repeat some words on this ok?

I hope u enjoy my channel content, and pls like and subscribe for more content :D

there it is the "Revolver animations" channel:

and the CARTOON CAT channel (the guy that I got inspiration to make the drawing)
here if u want follow his content, the same with Revolver Animations:
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