[Eddsworld] Saloonatics is Well Animated, actually

For the first full video of 2022, we go back to the legacy era of Eddsworld to study one of the most controversial looking episodes of them all: Saloonatics. Why do they have noses???

Rayman Origins OST - Land of the Livid Dead: Suspense
Hotline Miami 2 OST - Score Screen
Smile for You - Vivki Vox *
Anyone But You - Particle House *

* Songs licensed with permission from Epidemic sound. Use my referral link to get a free month of access to their entire library:

Clips used:
Eddsworld (various)
Bo Burnham - Inside (2021)
Evangelion (1995)
Digimon Data Squad (2006)
Your Name (2016)

Material used for the purposes of illustration and education

All stock video is free to use without permission or attribution from Pixabay

This video is mine
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