Entitle Sister Saga:- Bridezilla Sister Disinvited My Fiancee From Her Wedding To Set Me Up With Ex

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Story :-
Op has been dating a girl who lost her legs when she was in the military. He introduces her to his family during Thanksgiving. His sister decides to steal the spotlight by announcing her engagement. In addition, she invites op’s ex Jenna who bullied his girlfriend in the past and threatened their relationship. Op’s girlfriend ends up leaving and he gets into a big fight with his sister. They makeup and his sis starts planning her wedding. When she sends out invitations she does not send one for op’s girl due to the venue not being “disability friendly.” Things worsen when he finds out that his sister told Kylie his ex would not feel comfortable with her present. Op digs into the venue and finds out that the venue caters to disabled people. He decides not to attend which causes drama in the family.

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