Ex-Witch Exposes Satan's Secrets Part 2: Tackling Teen Suicide and Depression

Ex-Witch Exposes Satan's Secrets Part 2: Tackling Teen Suicide and Depression

This is Part 2 of Julie Lopez's Interview: Ex-Witch Exposes Satan's Secrets

Julie was a very depressed and suicidal teen growing up, and being heavily involved in the occult and witchcraft didn't help. Being a victim of child abuse while learning the tactics and techniques that the devil uses to oppress and torment young people, Lopez teaches parents and teens how to tackle this dire issue.

Tackling teen suicide and depression is a "right now" topic that needs "right now" solutions! The pandemic made this problem all the worst. No child should ever have to suffer, but there is an effective remedy for deliverance.

Julie Lopez also offers One-On-One Prophetic Coaching: https://calendly.com/julie-lopez-ministries/1on1coaching?month=2022-03

Ex-Witch Exposes Satan's Secrets Part 2 Tackling Teen Suicide and Depression

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