FAiRY ADLEY ART SCHOOL!! Pirate Dad Learns Crafts inside Creative Cave! magic lava volcano cartoon

WELCOME to my CREATiVE CAVE!! would you like a tour?

LET'S BE FRIENDS -- https://goo.gl/a7ctjJ

HEY EVERYBODY!! Today we are FiNGER PAiNTiNG to celebrate our new family cartoon! This one is called "Creative Cave" and it might be my favorite one so far! We'll watch it together, but first we need to finger paint. Mom bought lots of washable paint from the store so we could get it all over our hands! Once we started painting our pictures we got MESSY.. and Navey started to put paint all over her face! So before things got TOO crazy we brought out Niko's iPad to watch Creative Cave..

IT'S FAIRY MARKER SEASON! fairy markers only grow on pirate island during a certain time of year! while I was picking all my favorite colors of markers, Pirate Dad saw me from the top of his ship and thought I was trying to steal his treasure! i told him to come down from his ship so i could teach him how to do arts and crafts! he thought I was tricking, like I set up a trap! he finally came down from his ship we both picked markers together and I told him about a SECRET part of the island that only fairies know about... "Creative Cave". It's inside the lava volcano but you have to know the special fairy magic to get inside! when we got inside the cave i gave pirate dad a tour! during the tour he found my chocolate gold and tried to hide some in his hat! i had a secret plan to take it back from him later.. but first we had to do art. i got 2 pieces of paper and lots of fairy markers for us to make treasure maps! while Pirate Dad was coloring his map, i snuck up behind him and took the candy gold from his hat! after we finished our art we gave our maps to each other as surprise gifts!

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