Falling Snow, Evergreen Tree, Bird Song, rural landscape SEVEN HOURS of relaxation Dog or Cat sitter

The longest environmental, nature video I've ever posted.
Pennsylvania landscape, winter birds of many species flying to and from a snow-covered evergreen tree.
Wild turkeys can be heard in the background.
Blue Jay
Black Capped Chickadee
House Sparrow
Mourning Doves flying
Rooster Crowing
chickens murmuring
This video is intended to play in the background and provide an environment that takes you away from city living, or the chaos around many who are stuck at home without a rural setting.

In the future, I may be posting spring flowers, pond-scapes, Night views or spring rain events.

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Need something besides cartoons to keep the kids entertained? Have them document how many different birds they see here. Or, how many different sounds there are?

A single hour per day spent in nature, has proven to be a way to refresh your thoughts and bring calm. Since many just can't access the real thing, here it is for you.

Wishing you all the best, welcome.
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