'Fallout is Anti-Communist!' - Anti-SJWs MISS the CLEAR Satire of Fallout and SIMP For Liberty Prime

The Fallout Franchise is long running series that has gained massive popularity under the stewardship of Bethesda. The games are set in a post-apocalyptic America, in an alternative timelines where the US never really moved past the 1950s. The game clearly satirises Cold War American politics including the hysteria around the Red Scare.

However, many gamers have appeared to miss the satire completely. Instead they think Fallout is actually a game that is anti-communist. Nothing sums up how badly they missed the point in their simping for Liberty Prime, a ridiculous anti-communist mech who prowls the battlefield spouting Red Scare propaganda.

In this video we look at the politics of the series and how Gamers so badly missed the point of the franchise.

.00:00:00 - Intro
00:04:27 - My experience with Fallout
00:06:00 - The backstory of Fallout
00:10:00 - Fallout's satire of Red Scare America
00:11:55 - People unironically loving Liberty Prime
00:16:44 - Bethesda's confusing new take on Fallout
00:18:16 - Fallout 76 and players RP as Communists
00:22:10 - Fallout 76 has underminded Fallout's satire
00:25:00 - Conclusion

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