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Best Friends Day Ever 1272

I am so excited about today! One of my really close friends, someone I have know for years is coming to the Spacestation. If you have been watching for a while you might remember Declan, he has been on the vlog before but this will be our very first time meeting him in person!! Huge hugs when we gets here and I cannot wait to give him a tour of the Spacestation! He knows everyone at the office and is giving hugs to Chicken, Holladay, Pookie, Brandon, and Nick! He loves seeing all the changes we working on in the Spacestation and getting to visit in real life all these places he's only seen on a screen.

Of course, if we are going to have a VIP guest here, the family wants to meet him. Adley and Niko show up with Jenny and Navey, and they have a surprise gift for Declan, a brand new skate board with all signatures from the family and Spacestation crew on it. With the family and the crew all here we have a pizza party to celebrate Declan's visit.

This is also going to be a unique best day ever because we have tons of memories that we want to share that we have filmed on our phones. So while we are hanging out with Declan and eating, you have to check out when Adley and I went to the monkey trampoline park a few days ago. Adley is super brave and did some rock climbing all by herself and she made it to the very top. They also have a jumping challenge where you jump from a platform and try to grab on to this big padded thingy that she tried. She then ended our visit riding the indoor zipline like a pro, zipping all over the place!! The next memory is Niko Bear's school graduation! They had a little ceremony where they showed of their ABC's and a song that they learned. They gave out little diplomas but the cutest was when Niko was asked what he wants to be when he grows up and he said "a dinosaur bone guy" lol sooo cute!!

Back to hanging out with Declan, we have made it to our house cause he really wants to meet Olive and Koopa. We hang out in the front yard for a while, having a race with the kiddos and seeing that Adley is throwing another car wash, but this time she has put signs up all over the neighborhood!! oh boy! After family fun, Declan jumps in Jenny's purple tesla for his very first ride and we head out to pirate island! While we drive, you guys get to watch a little family trip up to the cabin that we took. It was kinda rainy, so we had the kiddos all bundled up and cute, especially Navey cause her jacket made here look like a little bug. We saw then went exploring for animals and saw deer, moose, eagles, and a wolf! (ok the wolf was just my dads new dog, but it was more fun to pretend play lol).

We get to pirate island and we have to give Declan the tour! We say hi to the dinosaurs, we check out the volcano and go inside, Niko and Declan throw rocks on the beach while Aldey shows him the pirate ship. Its so much fun hanging out with him, seeing the joy and happiness his visit brings to no only him, but me and the family! While we keep having fun at the lake lot, you have to see our last memories. Navey rode on a one wheel hoverboard, I went to VeeCon with the Spacestation crew and we took our real life NFT Quarter Machine, Jenny dressed up like it was the 80's for her Birthday, and Niko and Adley got to go to a private showing of the new Buzz Lightyear movie from Disney! Truly a Best Day Ever!!

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