Family Guy Voice Facts | Channel Frederator #shorts

Family Guy Voice Facts | Channel Frederator #shorts

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Many of Family Guy’s voices are instantly recognizable. But what were their inspirations?

Outside of the obvious, like Brian being Seth MacFarlane’s natural voice, he’s been open about the inspiration of Peter’s nasally voice, saying it came from a security guard with a thick Rhode Island accent at his school.

ABC later ran a story in 2013 featuring the inspiration, himself – A man named Paul Timmins, who was the head of Public Safety at the Rhode Island school of design. Timmins revealed he may have also been a visual inspiration, as he wore glasses and a white button-down shirt every day – all while having a friendly rapport with MacFarlane

Chris’ voice has been revealed by Seth Green to have come from an impression of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. Obviously, Chris is a lighthearted and dumb character, but the proper impression still appears when Chris needs to be threatening or when he says something out of pocket. Green and the creators thought it was funniest thing to hear this voice come from a kid

Both women of the family went through casting controversies before landing on their actors. Alex Borstein, who voices Lois revealed that Fox wanted to take Lois’ voice in a different direction, leading to Borstein fighting for the role

Meanwhile, Meg went through several incarnations. Originally, she was to be played by Cree Summer, but was replaced by Seth’s sister, Rachael MacFarlane in the pilot, who would later voice Hayley in American Dad. Lacey Chabert of Mean Girls fame played Meg in season 1 before leaving due to scheduling conflicts, finally replaced by Mila Kunis, who has provided Meg’s voice ever since

And finally, Stewie’s voice, MacFarlane says, is based on a combination of Rex Harrison’s voice in My Fair Lady, with a little bit of Mr. Burns sprinkled in. I guess borrowing from the greats would explain why…

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