Felix and the hidden treasure (2021) Movie explained in Hindi |Family Film summarized in हिन्दी اردو

Felix and the treasure of Morgaa (2021) Latest Movie Story Explained in Hindi/Urdu | Felix and the hidden treasure is a Computer-Animated Family Film Summarized with complete ending in हिन्दी Explanation. In this video we will also discuss "Felix and the treasure of Morgaa" Movie Summary, Reviews and TimeLine Explanation in Urdu Hindi. Movie explained in Hindi. Hollywood movie explained in Hindi. Movie. Movies.

The film focuses on Felix, a 12-year-old kid who has been living with his mom on the Magdalen Islands since his dad's inability to get back from a journey to track down treasure on the Island of Eternal Night when his mom goes off an extended get-away and leaves him and his baby sister, Mia, under the watchful eye of their auntie, he enrolls the assistance of beacon manager Tom to venture out to the island looking for his dad.

IMDb Rating: 5.8/10

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