FightVibe -- Anime Inspired Looping Fight

An anime and lofi inspired looping fight sequence.

Wanted to try out something new that didn't take months to schedule, prep, shoot and edit. With looping fights, I can practice my camera and action direction more often as it only takes a day to shoot. Much easier on everyones schedules and it allows me to upload content a "bit" more constantly in between bigger projects. Hope you all like the vibes.

Special shoutout to @Kayou. for making hella dope music. Your work inspires me to create!

Directed • Shot • Edited • Action Design • VFX
Christopher C. Cowan

Fight Coordinator • Choreography
Brendon Huor

Bruce Inaba
Ryu Minami

Production Assistant
Eliver Ling

Music By

Track Name
Naruto Shippuden - Hakubo (Nightfall) (Kayou. Remix)

Special Thanks
Scott Rosen
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