Filmymoji || Middle Class Madhu || ఉగాది ఉరుకు || MCM

Filmymoji || Middle Class Madhu || ఉగాది ఉరుకు || MCM

Filmymoji releases Ugadi special video in which our Naatu Guntala Gang, Middle class Madhu, Mekujuttu Mahesh, Balli and Budatha would be seen stealing Mangoes from Sukharaju Thota.
1A master secretly captures their robbery on his phone. He then blackmails them and takes away most of the mangoes and also demands them to show up for Ugadi Pravachans and get him some more mangoes.
Watch the full video to see what Battu Chari got to tell about the specialty of Ugadi festival and would Naatu Guntala gang abides to 1A master demands.
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Team Insta Handles

FilmyMoji :-

Written & Directed BY (Naveen Varma Siruvuri) :-
(Varun Venum):-
(Ratan Batra) :-

Middle Class Madhu (Saikiran Andaluri) :-

Macchaleni Mahesh (Naveen Varma Siruvuri) :-

Mother (Swathi Kotu Chirra) :-

Producer (Karthick Chirra) :-

Titles Music By (Naveen K Lakshman) :-

Edit And Sound Design (Sai Surya) :-

Associate Editor (Aishwarya Kethineedi) :-

VFX (Nagendra Kolli) :-
(Sanjay) :-


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