Filmymoji || Middle Class Madhu || Kotaa Biyyam || కోటా బియ్యం || MCM

Filmymoji || Middle Class Madhu || Kotaa Biyyam || కోటా బియ్యం || MCM

Filmymoji releases its most non-controversial episode where Middle class Madhu would be seen being beaten by his father at the very start and going back to what has happened Madhu would be having an interesting conversation with their Heavy duty bike telling it to come to bore instead of further serving their family. All of a sudden a famous thief fall down on Madhu trying to sneak into their house. Madhu explains him that it would be such a waste of effort as he gets nothing from their house. Madhu’s father and mother enters into a heated conversation over her cooking abilities and to avoid it Madhu sneaks out to get quota rice and finds Meku juttu Mahesh and 1A master among the crowd. Watch the full episode to find out what shocking truth Middle class Madhu finds out about his father from 1A master and would it change his belief forever.

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