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Filmymoji Middle Class Madhu Z P High School Dondapudi students english MCM

Filmymoji releases its most hilarious episode till date and it is about the ZPHS school Dondapudi students’ English speaking skills. Earlier Middle class Madhu faces an embarrassing situation in front of Budatha while purchasing underwears due to his father. Going forward, after having watched a WhatsApp forward, Sarada Subbarao would be amazed to find out the brilliant English speaking skills of government school students and decides to take matter into his own hands. Sarada Subbarao calls for a serious meeting of all his friends, fathers of Middle class Madhu, Balli and Budatha. They are all decide to improve the English speaking skills of their children and approaches 1A master who after getting challenged by all, decides to coach Naatu Guntala Gang on English speaking skills. After going through 1A master’s coaching session, Madhu, Madhu, Balli and Budatha showcases their talent by singing Twinkle twinkle little star, Johny Johny yes papa, Ringa Ringa Roses rhymes. The next day 1A master with lots of confidence takes them to the local MLA to impress him by showcasing his teaching abilities in English. Watch the full episode to find out whether 1A master succeeds in impressing the MLA of Vizianagaram.

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